About the captain

Izumi Ishii is a reformed Japanese dolphin hunter from the town of Futo. The town has a long history of dolphin drive hunting, he was a 6th generation dolphin hunter after his grandfather and father. Seeing tears in a dolphin he killed, he decided to stop hunting and launched his Whale and Dolphin Watching business in 2002. Futo’s dolphin hunting stopped since 2005 as a direct result of his action. Dolphin hunters say the presence of his watching business with his beloved fishing boat kokaimaru makes it impossible for them to continue the commercial killing. The dolphin drive hunting was made infamous by the award winning documentary movie "The Cove" in the town of Taiji, where dolphins are still brutally hunted in thousands every year.


Using his expertise and experience Izumi operates Whale and Dolphin Watching Tour from the port of Futo. It is known as one of the best Whale and Dolphin Watching Tours in Japan, attracting wildlife lovers from all over the world.